Problems with parks and open spaces

We are dedicated to keeping our parks and open spaces in an excellent condition so everyone has an enjoyable experience. Occasionally issues occur that we need to put right.

Please use the reporting form above to tell us about a problem in our parks, recreation grounds and other green spaces.

If you want to tell us about overgrown grass verges, please check the grass cutting dates as it may be covered by our planned maintenance schedule.

To report an issue about our commons, please email our Countryside Team

Please use the problems with cemeteries, churchyards and grass verges form to tell us about a problem with:

  • cemeteries or churchyards

  • cenotaphs or memorials

  • grass verges

  • roundabouts

  • high street planting

Our Commitment

We will respond to all reports within 5 days.
You can opt to receive email updates on your request at the end of the reporting form.

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