Grass cutting

We currently maintain the grass verges on behalf of Surrey County Council as part of an agency agreement. Within the funding provided by Surrey, the Council's contractors, G. Burleys & Sons are committed to delivering 10 cuts to the urban verges in the Borough each year, with each cycle taking approximately 3 to 4  weeks depending on weather conditions. 

We are presently on schedule for grass verge cutting and grass cutting in cemeteries. Our urban grass cutting follows a 4-week rotation for each borough area. 

Grass verge cutting schedule 

Coronavirus update

Please note that although our maintenance contractors have a schedule they must follow to cut the required grass verges, they have no information about bin day collection. They will usually move a bin and carry on cutting, however due to COVID-19, for safety reasons, our contractors are instructed not to touch household bins. If possible you can help by placing bins on a hard surface next to verges. If this is not possible, our contractors will have to cut around the bin and then cut the small area missed on their next round.

To report a problem relating to the maintenance of green spaces, cemeteries and verges in Elmbridge please complete our online form.

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