Do you have a complaint about your social landlord?

There are over twenty housing associations operating as landlords in Elmbridge. Each of these organisations is entirely independent of the Council and will have their own complaints procedures.

If you have a problem with your housing association home

  • Step 1
    If the problem cannot be resolved informally, you can make a formal complaint to your landlord.  Most housing associations have a complaints process with either two or three stages.

  • Step 2
    If, after completion of your landlord’s complaints procedure, things have not been put right, then you contact a designated person to help resolve the dispute between you and your landlord.  For tenants in Elmbridge, a designated person can be an MP, an Elmbridge Borough Council Councillor or a Tenant Panel recognised by your landlord.
    You may approach any one of our Councillors for help as a designated person, however, in order to make the referral process as simple as possible, a small number of Councillors have agreed to carry out the role on behalf of their colleagues and unless you state otherwise, the complaint will be considered by one of these nominated Councillors. 
    If you want to refer a complaint to a local Councillor, you can either contact them directly or complete the referral form and email to to pass on.

    If the designated person cannot help, they can refer the complaint to the Housing Ombudsman.
  • Step 3
  • If the landlord’s complaints procedure has been completed, but the complaint remains unresolved, and either eight weeks have passed or the complaint has been referred by a designated person, you can ask the Housing Ombudsman to determine the complaint. 

More information is available on the Housing Ombudsman website.

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