Charity of Robert Phillips

Registration number: 1063312/0

Subsidiary Charities: None

Application Forms:

Meetings of the Charity of Robert Phillips:

The Trustees of the Charity of Robert Phillips meet four times a year to consider applications for financial assistance.

The forthcoming meeting dates of the Trustees are as follows:            

  • Monday 15 June 2020 (Cancelled)        

  • Monday 7 September 2020 - deadline for receipt of fully completed application forms need to be returned by Friday 28 August 2020

  • Monday 7 December 2020 - deadline for receipt of fully completed application forms need to be returned by Friday 27 November 2020

  • Monday 8 March 2021 - deadline for receipt of fully completed application forms need to be returned by Friday 26 February 2020

Please note that the Trustees will not consider retrospective applications and therefore if you are wishing to apply for financial assistance, you must ensure that your application is submitted well in advance of your event.

Should your application be received by the Charity after the advertised deadline dates (as above), please note that the application will not be considered at that meeting but will be held for consideration at the next scheduled meeting date.  In such circumstances, should this mean that the purpose for which the grant is sought becomes retrospective, it is highly unlikely that the Trustees will support funding.

Correspondent Details:
Mrs Tracey Hulse
Assistant to the Clerk to the Trustees,
Civic Centre,
High Street, Esher,
Surrey KT10 9SD

(a) The provision of land and buildings to be settled upon trust for use for the purpose of a public library or public museum or any similar charitable purpose, or the maintenance of any such institution; and
(b) The promotion of education in the appreciation of music, drama and the fine arts.

Grants are allocated under category (b) in accordance with various grants policies, including a school music scholarship music scholarship scheme, a musical instrument scheme and a training awards scheme. Support is also given to other appropriate arts related organisations.

Area of Benefit:
The Ancient Parish of Walton-on-Thames (Walton, Hersham and part of Oatlands)

Method of Benefit:
The Trustees of the Charity meet as a selection panel on a quarterly basis to consider applications for grants which comply with the terms of the Trust and with their grant policies

Governing Document: A Scheme of the Charity Commissioners dated 23 April 1991

Country: Surrey

Administrative District: Elmbridge

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