What you can do

Take your garden waste to your local tip for free

Your local tip will accept your garden waste free of charge. We appreciate it can be tricky to transport garden waste, but you can use refuse sacks and other plastic bags or larger bags for life.

Find your nearest tip / dump /community recycling centre.

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Top Tip 1:
Please don’t add garden waste to your rubbish bin. This will increase overall waste tonnage across Elmbridge and will ultimately lead to that service being impacted and in the worst case disrupted.


Composting is an inexpensive, natural process that transforms your kitchen and garden waste into a valuable and nutrient rich food for your garden. It's easy to make and use.

Benefits for your garden

Your compost is a nutrient-rich food product for your garden and will help improve soil structure, maintain moisture levels, and keep your soil's pH balance in check while helping to suppress plant disease. It will have everything your plants need including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and it will help buffer soils that are very acidic or alkaline. Compost improves your soil's condition and your plants and flowers will love it!

This article from the BBC, discusses why more people are dealing with their green waste at home and includes a composting guide for beginners.

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Top Tip 2: 

If someone knocks on your door offering to take away your garden waste for a fee, you must ensure they are a licensed.  If they fly-tip your garden waste, you are liable. Check a waste carrier's licence.

Mow your lawn less often! Eek!

We know this sounds crazily untidy, but the RSPB say that mowing your lawn less, and letting parts of it grow long, saves you time and helps give nature a home.  

Create a mini jungle through which beetles and other small creatures can wander and where sparrows and goldfinches may come to feed on the seeds. The grasses will set seed, wildflowers already in your lawn will grab their opportunity to bloom, and the longer stems will create a sheltered microclimate.

Visit the RSPB’s website for more hints and tips.

Reduce your waste across all your bins

If we can all reduce our waste by even a little, the waste collection crews can work more efficiently, making the service more robust.  You will hear more from us on this in the weeks ahead, including an incentive scheme and more ideas to help us reduce the levels of domestic waste in Elmbridge but in the meantime, you could consider the following:

Appreciate your waste collection crew

We need them now more than ever. Please respect their hard work as they doggedly do their rounds in all weathers. 

  • Ensure their access routes are clear around your property and road
  • Wipe bin handles when you bring your bin to the front of your property
  • Say “hello” and please be patient.
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Top Tip 3:
Burning garden waste is bad for the air quality around your home and bad for your relationship with your neighbours, never mind the impact the smoke has on those with asthma, long COVID and other respiratory issues.

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