Former Walton gasworks

The inspection under Part2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 of the site of the former Walton Gasworks, Manor Road, Walton-on-Thames undertaken by Elmbridge Borough Council (the Council) in 2017/18 has now been completed and a report documenting the investigation and its findings is below.  

Residents and landowners have been provided with a copy of the summary report, also available below.  The full report has been reviewed by officers in Environmental Services as well as externally by Public Health England (PHE) and the Environment Agency (EA), with the EA and PHE review responses provided below. 

The investigation has shown that there is insufficient evidence that the land poses a significant risk of significant harm in terms of adverse health effects on residents and visitors or to the local environment.   The Council have concluded that based on available information, there is no longer a reasonable possibility that a significant contamination linkage exists on the land and that no unacceptable risks have been identified as a result of current ground conditions. Therefore, in accordance with the environmental laws and regulations , the Council have determined that the land, as it is currently used, does not meet the definition of Contaminated Land, and further investigation is not necessary enabling us to conclude this inspection.

However, please note that Elmbridge Borough Council can give no guarantee that a site will never be classified as Contaminated Land in the future due to changes to legislation, amendments to risk assessment criteria, new site-specific data, etc..

For previous information about the investigation please see the archive which contains the desk study report and various resident updates in addition to previous frequently asked questions. 


As the report is a comprehensive technical document we have also prepared a summary report.

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