Eat Out, Eat Well Healthy Eating

The 'Eat Out, Eat Well' award is run by Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards in partnership with a number of Local Authorities. It rewards caterers who make it easier for their customers to make healthy choices when eating out. 

There are four award levels – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Awards are based on the type of food on offer, cooking methods used, and how the business promotes healthier eating. 

Platinum level award winners will need to demonstrate compliance with government standards for buying food.

See the list of businesses in Elmbridge who have won the award.

Find out more information about the Eat Out, Eat Well scheme including how to apply.

How you can nominate a restaurant, pub or café for an award

Have you recently eaten at a restaurant, pub or café that has offered a choice of healthy meals in addition to a normal menu? Were you impressed by the quality and range of the healthy options?

If so, you may like to nominate the catering business for an Eat Out, Eat Well award. The Eat Out, Eat Well award rewards catering businesses that provide a healthy alternative on their daily menus.

If you would like to nominate a catering business, please contact and include the business name and address.

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