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Healthy Eating on a Budget

image of applesThe problems in buying adequate food (both quantity and quality) on a low income have caused many families to change their habits in an attempt to economise. Issues of taste, cultural acceptability and nutrition all take much less precedence than cost.

Eating patterns have changed and families often eat cheap versions of 'mainstream', convenience meals that have little nutritional value. Experimenting with new foods and fresh fruit and vegetables are restricted on the budgets available, and there is a general lack of awareness of healthy options.

There is evidence to suggest that many families have to overcome the attitude towards healthy eating. Often it is not considered feasible or affordable, and many families think only in terms of meals, and not individual foods. This is often due to a lack of awareness of food options, but can also be attributed to families buying food that they are confident will be consumed and not wasted.

Families on low incomes constantly have to make conscious decisions over what food is available, and this becomes particularly difficult for families on Income Support.

Relevant Issues

  • improving the quality/quantity of food available to families on a low income
  • increasing availability of reasonably priced fresh fruit and vegetables
  • educating families about buying individual foods rather than complete meals
  • enhancing cooking skills
  • teaching methods of making food last longer - recycling, use of leftovers
  • raising family awareness of the value of nutrition and promoting simple steps to increase the nutritional value of meals
  • promoting value of breastfeeding
  • promoting consumption of fruit and vegetables by young people/children.

Eating Leftovers Safely

We have prepared some |information and advice about eating leftovers safely with links to 'Love Food Hate Waste' recipes.

Further Information

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