Mount Felix Stitch Exhibition

The Mount Felix tapestry is currently on tour in New Zealand.

The Mount Felix Stitch project was launched in April 2015 and completed in April 2017. Artist Andrew Crummy (designer of the Preston pans tapestry and the Scottish tapestry) originally joined forces with the Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre, the R C Sherriff Trust and Elmbridge Borough Council to create a 44 panel community tapestry commemorating the centenary of the 'No 2 New Zealand General Hospital' at Mount Felix in Walton. In 1915, the hospital was opened by the New Zealand War Contingent Association to accommodate the increasing number of New Zealand soldiers, injured at Gallipoli and throughout WWI. By the time the hospital closed four years later, it had seen over 27,000 patients, and was largely run by volunteer nurses, many of whom had travelled from New Zealand.

The tapestry is a tribute to the ANZAC soldiers, nurses, doctors and people of Walton 100 years ago from the community of Walton today.



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