Voting by post

Voting by post

Postal voting application form

(Please make sure you print with the page scaling set to 'none' by selecting File>Print> then change the option under page scaling to none. Please do not use an electronic signature as we are unable to accept them.)

Applying to vote by post 

If you prefer, you can receive your ballot papers by post, instead of voting in person at your polling station. You can apply permanently or for a limited period, for example, if you are going away on holiday. Your ballot papers will be sent to your home address unless you ask for them to be sent to another address, for example, if you are at university. If you want your ballot papers sent to another address you must include the reason on the form.

Each voter must fill in a separate application form. You must sign and date the form and include a specimen of your signature and date of birth. For security, these will be used to confirm your identity when you vote by post. We will not use this information for any other purpose.

The deadline to apply to vote by post is 11 working days before an election.

Voting by post

We will send your ballot papers by first class post about one week before an election. We will include a pre-paid first class envelope for you to return your postal vote in.

When you receive your postal vote, read the instructions carefully. Your postal vote includes your ballot paper and a postal voting statement. Complete all of these and return them straight away. We need to receive your postal vote by 10pm on election day. You can hand it into any polling station within the electoral area if you miss the post on election day, or hand it into the Civic Centre, High Street, Esher.

If you lose your postal vote or make a mistake, please call Electoral Services on 01372 474181/2/3 straight away. We can only issue a replacement postal vote before 5pm on election day.

It is an offence to vote using a ballot paper that was not sent to you.

If you need help to vote, you can ask someone you know or get independent help by calling Electoral Services on 01372 474181/2/3.

Having difficulty signing the form?

If you cannot sign your application form, or are unable to provide a consistent signature, we can send you a special form. Please call 01372 474182/3 and ask for a postal vote waiver form.

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