Boundary review

Parliamentary Boundary Review 2018

The UK Parliament has decided to reduce the number of constituencies, and therefore MPs, from 650 to 600. In England, the number of constituencies will reduce from 533 to 501.

The Boundary Commission for England is the independent and impartial body that is considering where the boundaries of the new constituencies should be. The Commission delivered their report to Parliament in September 2018.

In doing so, the Commission have to ensure that every new constituency has roughly the same number of electors: no fewer than 71,031 and no more than 78,507. While proposing a set of boundaries which are fairer and more equal, the Commission will also try to reflect geographic factors and local ties. The Commission will also look at the boundaries of existing constituencies and local government patterns in redrawing the map of parliamentary constituency boundaries across England.

In undertaking the 2018 Review, the Commission relied heavily on evidence from the public about their local area. Though the Commission have to work within the tight electorate thresholds outlined above, the Commission sought to recommend constituency boundaries that reflect local areas as much as they could. 

When the review will take place 

The review took place over approximately two and a half years, with final recommendations submitted to Parliament in September 2018.  Two rounds of public consultation on the Boundary Commission's proposals were held in 2016 and 2017.

Final recommendations

On 10 September 2018, the final recommendations were published on the Boundary Commission website.  It is recommended that changes be made to the Runnymede and Weybridge constituency and the Esher and Walton constituency, further details of which are contained in the report.

The report will now be considered by Parliament.  If approved, the changes will come into effect for the next General election, currently scheduled for 2024.

Where you can view the proposals for Elmbridge 

You can view the proposals for the Esher and Walton constituency and the Runnymede and Weybridge constituency on their website at the Boundary Commission for England

Documents and maps have been deposited for viewing at the following locations:

  • Esher and Walton constituency - Esher Library, Old Church Path, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9NS

  • Runnymede and Weybridge constituency - Runnymede Borough Council, Runnymede Civic Centre, Station Road, Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 2AH

Electoral review for Elmbridge 2016

Following the Council's request to the Local Government Boundary Commission for England to undertake an Electoral Review for Elmbridge, the Commission published its final recommendations for new electoral arrangements for Elmbridge Borough Council. The Commission's final recommendations are that Elmbridge be represented by 48 councillors: twelve fewer than the previous arrangement. Those councillors will represent sixteen three-member wards across the Borough, delivering electoral equality for voters across the Borough. The Commission's publication followed an eight-week public consultation on its draft proposals and draws new boundaries for each Council ward across Elmbridge. The new electoral arrangements were implemented at the local elections on 5 May 2016.

Further details in respect of the final recommendations can be seen on the Local Government Boundary Commission for England's website.


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