Safe Places Scheme

Getting out and about can be a challenging prospect, and for some people, it can be easy to feel lost, frightened and alone.  

An organisation that displays a Safe Place sticker has made a commitment to help any person who is confused, lost or distressed and in need of support. They will be able to offer you a quiet place to sit down, a glass of water, and can help you contact a relative or emergency services, if necessary.

There is no sign up or membership required to use the scheme, simply look for the orange Safe Places sticker in the window of participating organisations (sticker shown below).

Safe places window sticker

How do I find a Safe Place?

You can find a full list of safe places in Elmbridge on the  Safe Places website, or you download the list of current safe places.

Safe Places also provide an App via the Google Play and Apple store so residents can use their phone to find a safe place while out and about.

Want to become a Safe Place?

Do you run a local business or voluntary organisation that would like to become a Safe Place? We’ll provide you with a folder of information and contacts to help you support any residents looking for a safe place, and we’ll keep in touch regularly to help deal with any questions you might have.

All we ask is that your organisation has adequate space to provide support for a lost or distressed resident, and that you have at least two people present at the premises at all times.

If you would like to help, please contact our Safe Places Coordinator on 01372 474 552 or email, and they will arrange a visit to help get you started. 

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