Independent living centre

Do you have elderly parents and worry about them coping on their own? 

Do you struggle with daily tasks or live with a disability? 

We aim to guide you through local services which support residents to live independently in their home. We can signpost you to Adult Social Care services, Elmbridge Borough Council services, local organisations and charities.

We also sell over 50 items of independent living equipment. You can access the independent living catalogue and contact the Independent Living and Support Centre on 01372 474 537 for further information.

Some of our most popular items of independent living equipment are:

  • large pill organiser

  • remote controlled sockets

  • magnifying sheet

  • handy reach grabber

The services directory

An extensive guide has been created which details all services available for the residents of Elmbridge. Please see our services directory and amendments slip. If you would like a hard copy then please contact community support services.

Financial support

Do you feel you could have some help and guidance with your finances? We have created a benefits booklet which outlines the support services available to you. The organisations listed will support you to access all the benefits you are entitled to and some will do home visits.

Services by A-Z