Senior officers of Elmbridge Borough Council

The organisational structure of Elmbridge Borough Council and the functions of each directorate are detailed below.

There are three main directorates and a Council Management Board, which serves the purpose of discussing key council matters and has overall responsibility for the implementation of policies.

Council Management Board

The Council Management Board comprises the Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive and the Strategic Director. It meets weekly to discuss key Council matters and is responsible for overseeing the discharge of Council policies.

Officers give advice to Councillors and the Council, put the Council's decisions into practice and take decisions which are delegated to them.

Rob Moran, Chief Executive

Chief Executive (job description)

The chief officer and executive head of the council has general authority over the activities of all directorates, chairs the management board of directors and has overall responsibility for administering the Council's business.

Rob Moran leads the following services:

  • Head of Council's Paid Service

  • Elections

  • Principal Adviser to the Council

  • Council Policies

  • Committee and Member Services

  • Organisational Development

Sarah Selvanathan, Strategic Director and Deputy Chief Executive

Strategic Director and Deputy Chief Executive (job description)

Chief Finance Officer (S151 officer) and deputy for the Chief Executive. Contributes to the corporate and strategic management of the authority and provides leadership, vision, and strategic direction. Has responsibility to resource and deliver the Organisation’s strategic objectives sustainably and in the public interest.

Chief Finance Officer is a statutory role, fulfilling the financial duties and responsibilities on behalf of the Council and has responsibility for the financial strategy of the Council.

Sarah Selvanathan leads the following services:

  • Finance including Council Tax and Business Rates 

  • Audit  

  • Legal Services and Procurement  

  • ICT/E-Government  

  • Housing  

  • Asset Management and Property Services

Ray Lee, Strategic Director

Strategic Director (job description) 

Contributes to the corporate and strategic management of the authority and provides leadership, vision, and strategic direction.

Ray Lee leads the following services:

  • Planning Services

  • Community Support Services 

  • Environmental Services  

  • Leisure and Cultural Services  

  • Customer Services  

Senior management team

  • Beverley Greenstein - Head of Democratic Services
    This team manages electoral services, mayoral support and committee and member services.

  • Vacant - Head of Organisational Development 
    This team has responsibility for policy, communications, performance management, economic development, consultation, learning and development, overview and scrutiny, community safety, human resources and family support services.

  • Helen Dunn - Head of ICT and Digital Services
    This team ensures sound ICT and digital services are delivered to users and residents.   

  • Andrew Cooper - Head of Finance
    This team manages both service and corporate finances. This covers accountancy, but also council tax, business rates, risk management and financial inspection. 

  • Vacant - Head of Asset Management & Property Services
    This team manages all council assets both operational and investment, along with development of land and buildings. The team comprises chartered building surveyors, facilities experts and general practice chartered surveyors.

  • Simon White - Head of Internal Audit (shared post with another Council) 
    This team has responsibility for ensuring that the Council is meeting its objectives and also provides independent advice to senior management.

  • Vacant - Head of Legal Services 
    This team comprises legal and procurement professionals supported by administrative officers. These officers carry out a range of legal and procurement tasks and their advice assists in the delivery of all Council functions. 

  • Kim Tagliarini - Head of Planning Services
    This team provides guidance to residents, members of the public and professionals regarding planning services. This covers the Local Plan, planning permissions, heritage and landscape management.

  • Colin Waters - Head of Housing Services
    This team manages housing benefit, housing options, private sector housing management and homeless prevention.  

  • Ian Burrows - Head of Leisure & Cultural Services
    This team manages green spaces, leisure facilities, cemetery services, countryside estates and leisure development.  

  • Melanie Bussicott - Head of Community Support Services
    This team manages the Centres for the Community, community transport, support for older people and carers through meal services, community alarm and services supporting people with memory loss. It also provides voluntary sector funding.  

  • Anthony Jeziorski - Head of Environmental Services
    This team manages car parks and enforces parking restrictions, deals with environmental nuisances, noise complaints, licensing and food safety. Also overseeing the management of the waste service by Joint Waste Solutions.  

  • Dawn Crewe - Head of Customer Services
    This team is the first point of contact for most Council services. Focus is on designing digital processes to deliver efficiency and consistently high standards of service delivery.

Officer salary information

For the list of councillors, please see the your councillors page. 

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