Budget and medium term financial strategy

Budget 2022/23

The budget for the year, April 2022 to March 2023, has been set at £18.1million together with a capital programme of £29.9 million. These are the amounts that we believe we will need in order for us to continue providing our high quality services and to meet the ambitious targets and projects set for the year.

The following provides a summary of the Council's budgeted income and expenditure for the year.

Service area and planned spend in £000

  •  Community Development: 280
  •  Corporate Development: 2,523
  •  Environment: 5,827
  •  Highways and Transport: (1,485)
  •  Housing: 2,278
  •  Leisure and Culture: 5,210
  •  Licensing Committee: 287
  •  Resources: 4,101
  •  Social: 3,508
  •  Planning Committee: 2,562
  •  Net cost of all services: 25,091
  •  Capital Financing: 2,917
  •  Depreciation Reversal: (3,155)
  •  Interest on Balances: (850)
  •  Investment Properties: (3,658)
  •  Claygate Parish - Localisation of Council Tax Benefits Grant: 3
  • Net budget before use of Reserves:20,348
  • Transfer from Council Tax Freeze Grant Reserve: (150)
  • Lower Tier Service Grant: (265) 
  • Underlying Requirement to Produce a Balanced Budget: (1,566) 
  • (From)/To  Earmarked Reserve: (225)
  • New Homes Bonus: (1,028)
  • New Homes Bonus Transferred to Reserves: 1,028
  • Net budget: 18,142  
  • Government Grants Collection Fund Support: (12,569) 
  • Net budget after allowing for Exceptional Support to Collection Fund and Lower Tier Services Grant: 5,573

What happens to your 2022/23 Council Tax

The graphs on the attached show ‘What happens to your 22/23 Council Tax’, where the Council’s income comes from, who spends it and a comparison of Elmbridge’s Council Tax with the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) and the Retail Prices Index (RPI).

How the Council plans to spend £100 of its budget in 2022/23

The graphic on the attached breaks down how the Council plans to spend £100 of its budget in 2022/23

Medium term financial strategy

In February 2022 the Council approved its 2022/23 Budget and the Medium Term Financial Strategy projecting the financial position of the Council in the Medium Term.

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