Budget and medium term financial strategy

Budget 2019/20

The budget for the year, April 2019 to March 2020, has been set at £17.7 million together with a capital programme of £29.8 million. These are the amounts that we believe we will need in order for us to continue providing our high quality services and to meet the ambitious targets and projects set for the year.

The following table provides a summary of the Council's budgeted income and expenditure for the year.


Service area

Planned spend


 Community development 328
 Corporate development  2,617
 Environment  5,732
 Highways and transport  (1,424)
 Housing  2,666
 Leisure and culture  5,212
 Licensing committee  260
 Resources  3,512
 Social  3,464
 Planning committee  2,390
 Net cost of all services  24,757
 Capital financing  2,772
 Asset rentals  (4,578)
 Interest on balances  (1,000)
 Investment Properties  (3,850)
 Claygate Parish - Localisation of Council Tax Benefits Grant  3
 Transfer from council tax freeze grant reserve  (157)
 New Homes Bonus  (958)
 Contribution to New Homes Bonus/Property Acquisition Reserve  844
 To / (from) earmarked reserves  (166)
 Total  17,667   

Medium term financial strategy

In February 2019 the Council approved its 2019/20 Budget and the Medium term financial strategy projecting the financial position of the Council in the Medium Term.

Fair funding review

On the 13 December 2018 the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government published a technical consultation on the assessment of local authorities' relative needs, relative resources and transitional arrangements. More details on the consultation are available.

The consultation sought views on the approach to measuring the relative needs and resources of local authorities, which will determine new baseline funding allocations for local authorities in England in 2020-21. View Elmbridge's response to the consultation.

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