Pay by direct debit

Over 75% of payments for council tax are paid by direct debit.

Paying this way makes sure that you always pay the correct amount at the right time without need to remember when payments are due.

When are payments taken?

We offer three dates each month that direct debits are taken. You can opt to pay on 1st, 10th, or 20th of the month (or the first working day after if a weekend or bank holiday).

By law we cannot collect a direct debit less than 14 days from it being set up. Before taking this first payment, we will send you a new council tax bill confirming the instalment dates and amounts.

Accounts that cannot set up a direct debit online

If you wish to make your direct debit payment from an account that requires more than one signatory, you will not be able to set it up on our website.

Please download the direct debit form below and return it to us by post.

PDF direct debit form for printing, completing and returning

Our Commitment

Within 7 working days of your direct debit being set up, we will send you a new council tax bill showing your new instalment dates and amounts.

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