Council tax bands and charges

Your council tax is collected by Elmbridge Borough Council and shared between Elmbridge, Surrey County Council and Surrey Police to provide your local services. Residents living in Claygate pay slightly more as a contribution to Claygate Parish Council.

Each of these organisations provides different services and charge different amounts. This year (2018/19) your total council tax has increased by 5.4%

Charges 2018/19

These charges are for the period from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019. 

How much of your council tax goes to the organisations that provide your services

 Outside of Claygate Parish

In Claygate Parish 




 Surrey County Council including Adult Social Care



 Surrey Police



 Elmbridge Borough Council



 Claygate Parish Council

(See pie chart below)

You can find information on our budget, spending plans and how we set council tax charges on the where does my council tax go page.                                

Council tax charges for 2018/19

 Council tax band

Charge for the borough excluding Claygate Parish 

Charge within Claygate Parish 


 £1,241.90  £1,251.33


 £1,448.89  £1,459.90


 £1,655.87  £1,668.45


 £1,862.86  £1,877.01


 £2,276.83  £2,294.12


 £2,690.80  £2,711.24


 £3,104.76  £3,128.34


 £3,725.72  £3,754.02


Previous years charges

See the previous years charges from 2010-2018.

Council tax 2018/19


Pie chart showing how Council tax is split between Surrey County Council (76%), Surrey Police (13%) and Elmbridge Borough Council (11%)

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