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My Account is a secure, easy and quick way for you to:

  • view your council tax bill and messages
  • check payments made and due
  • securely send us changes
  • track the progress of your requests
  • receive notifications when we have updates for you

How to sign up to your online account 

Step 1

  • Register for My Account and you will receive an email asking you to confirm your account details. 

Step 2

  • Login into My Account
  • Click on 'council tax', enter your council tax account number. You will need to verify your information by providing your council tax 8-digit account number which starts with the number '2'. This is extra security to ensure your online account is safe and secure.

Step 3

  • Click 'register' to confirm your council tax account details.
  • Click to receive account bills and messages.
  • You now have immediate access to all of your council tax information, including bills.

Alternatively, you can create your My Account using your email address or mobile phone number.

How do I contact you about my council tax account? 

As we are providing a more secure way to contact us about your council tax account, from Monday 4 April 2022 we will no longer accept emails for council tax enquiries. Instead please use My Account.

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