Household support fund

The government launched a further £500 million support fund for vulnerable households over the winter 2022/23. 

Elmbridge Borough Council has been allocated £217,000 to support households. £10,000 will be given to a local charity and theremaining balance will be allocated to households that

  • are in receipt of housing benefit or council tax support on 14 November 2022 and
  • a member of the household is in receipt of a qualifying Disability Benefit on 14 November 2022

The council has identified approximately 2,000 households who are eligible and payment for each household will be £100.

Payment will be made directly to the bank account or credited to the council tax account by end of Friday 16 December 2022.  A reference beginning with H3HOLD will show on the bank statement.

A small number of eligible households, we have not previously corresponded with about payment information, will be contacted for payment information by the middle of January 2023.

Household Support Phase 3 policy 2022/23

Surrey County Council - Household Support Fund

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