Energy rebate mandatory scheme

£150 energy rebate mandatory scheme

As part of the government's initiative to help households with rising energy costs, in March they announced a £150 energy rebate for most households in council tax bands A-D.  The majority of our eligible tax payers have received the £150 payment.

Council taxpayers who pay by direct debit

We have paid approximately 16,700 direct debit payers - totalling approximately £2.5 million.

Council taxpayers who do not pay by direct debit

Applications for the payment closed on 3 July.  If you did not apply, the Council credited the £150 as a council tax credit for eligible properties.  This was applied to accounts by the end of July 2022.

£150 energy rebate discretionary scheme

The government announced a discretionary scheme for taxpayers who are in band E-H and on benefits.  The energy rebate discretionary scheme closed on 14 August. 

As at the end of July, we have paid approximately 254 council taxpayers - totalling £53,000.

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