Crime prevention

  • Online safety
    Get tips on staying safe online.
  • Domestic abuse
    Help and support for anyone experiencing domestic abuse in Surrey. 
  • Child sexual abuse (CSA)  
    Resources and helplines you can access to prevent CSA.

  • Help to prevent burglary with these tips:

    • Burglars look for properties that are obviously unoccupied. If you’re out all day, use a timer device to automatically turn lights on and leave a radio on at night.
    • Restrict access to the back of your property by keeping side gates bolted and preferably padlocked on the inside. 
    • Lock your shed or garage and lock your bike inside to a robust fitting bolted to the ground or wall, like a ground anchor
    • Make sure that you keep items of value, such as jewellery, in an unlikely place or, better still, in a safe.
    • Make your valuables less attractive to thieves by using a property or police approved forensic marking solution only visible under Ultraviolet (UV) light. 
    • Double-lock the door every single time you leave the house.
    • Consider installing an intruder alarm, which acts as a visible and audible deterrent.

For detailed advice visit Surrey Police crime prevention.

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