Community champions

Community champions

Elmbridge Borough Council, Surrey County Council and Central Surrey Voluntary Action have come together to establish community champions for Elmbridge.

This group of volunteers is helping to support our communities by communicating clear and consistent messaging relating to COVID-19. They are also providing essential feedback to ensure our messages are reaching all our communities in the best way.

They use local community groups, social media, WhatsApp groups, friends and family to communicate the facts and guidelines on COVID-19.

They help disseminate council and Government information related to COVID-19.

Environmental health enforcement team

Elmbridge’s environmental health enforcement team are active in the community, in our high streets, towns, villages and parades. They are ensuring businesses have the right advice in order to adhere to the COVID-19 regulations, as well as answering any queries business owners and managers may have. They adopt an educate and encourage approach.

As a last resort they can use their enforcement powers, but they have found that an ‘educate and engage’ approach works best.

Last updated: 25 March 2021

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