Elmbridge business boost grants

The Elmbridge business boost grants help Elmbridge businesses, our local high streets and support the local economy. 

The business boost grants can help your business with:

  • up to £2,000 available in grant support to help businesses improve their shop fronts or signage
  • up to £2,000 available in grant support to help bring a shop that has been empty for at least three months back into commercial use
  • up to £1,000 to help town or village wide projects to drive new footfall, investment, streetscene improvements or sustainability

All applications require at least 50% match funding and three quotes for each element.

How to apply for funding

Complete either the PDF or Word application form:

Application form (pdf)
Application form (Word)

Key information to include with your application 

Please read the guidance notes for information on how to complete the application. 

You will need to include:

  • three comparable quotes for each element of your application - help on finding approved traders is available here (Please note that only UK based suppliers can be considered)
  • written consent from your landlord (if applicable)
  • a mock-up of the proposed works (if applicable)
  • confirmation that you have checked the Planning Portal regarding whether your project requires planning or advertising consent (if applicable)
  • any other relevant supporting document
  • we cannot accept applications from a business that has previously been awarded an Elmbridge Civic Improvement Fund, Business Boost grant or a national or international franchise
  • we are required to carry out Business Rates and Licensing checks as part of your application
  • your application may be delayed without the key information above
  • if your business is VAT registered and the expenditure will be used in the supply of VAT-eligible goods or services then the grant will be made excluding VAT
  • applications are for one-off grants only
  • the grant cannot cover the cost of any professional fees or a business looking to re-brand
  • works which have already commenced prior to an application are ineligible for a grant
  • all applications are assessed on an individual basis so the percentage award will vary
  • all applications require at least 50% match funding

More information

If you require any more information, please contact us at business@elmbridge.gov.uk.

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