Retail discount

Retail discount

State aid - relief under retail discount constitutes state aid.  Under EU regulations you (or your company) cannot receive more than €200,000 (approximately £175,000) state aid in any three year period.  If any award(s), together with other state aid you may have received in the last two years, exceeds this limit you will not be eligible for retail discount.  Find out more information on state aid.

Discount confirmations

(Please only complete where you have received a letter from the Council requesting you to make a State Aid declaration or to complete a Not Entitled notice).

If you have received a letter from the Council requesting you complete a State Aid declaration or a Retail Discount refusal form, please complete the appropriate online form:

Retail Discount State Aid declaration

Retail Discount Not Entitled notice

New applications

The Government announced in the 2018 autumn budget a business rate Retail Discount scheme for occupied eligible retail properties with a rateable value of less than £51,000 in each of the years 2019/20 and 2020/21.  The value of the discount should be one third of the bill, and is applied after mandatory and other discretionary reliefs have been applied.  To apply for this scheme the property must meet the criteria set out in the full scheme.  Please read the full scheme conditions for details on eligible retail properties before applying.

If you qualify for retail relief which is not shown on your bill, please apply online.

Note: If you were the ratepayer as at 1 February 2019 then your initial 2019/20 bill may include retail discount.  If you became the ratepayer after 1 February 2019, or your initial 2019/20 bill does not show entitlement to retail discount, then please apply online as above.


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