Local schemes

Subsidy - Relief under the schemes below (except nursery discount) constitutes subsidy. EU State Aid rules no longer apply to subsidies in the UK but the UK remains bound by its international commitments, including subsidy obligations. Under these obligations’ subsidies can still be paid in line with the previous rules under state aid. You (or your company) cannot receive more than €200,000 (approximately £180,000) subsidy in any three year period. However, following the outbreak of the Coronavirus subsidies can be made based on a Temporary Framework scheme. This framework allows for an additional €800 000 (approximately £720,000) and €3 million (approximately £2.6m) for uncovered fixed costs where business have suffered at least a 30% decline in turnover. If any award(s), together with all other subsidy you may have received in the last two years, exceeds this limit you will not be eligible for these reliefs.

Nursery discount

In response to the coronavirus the Government announced for 2020/21 a 100% discount scheme for properties occupied by providers on Ofsted's early years register which are wholly or mainly used for the provision of the early years foundation stage. In the 3 March 2021 budget the Government announced the 100% discount scheme would be extended to apply in the first three months of 2021/22. View the nursery discount scheme to 1 July 2021 for further details.

In the 3 March 2021 budget the Government also proposed a 66% discount for 2021/22 only from 1 July 2021, but capped at up to a total value of £105,000 per business. Elmbridge has introduced a new discount scheme from 1 July 2021 to award the 66% discount for a fixed period up to 31 March 2022 that mirrors guidance issued by Government. View the nursery discount scheme from 1 July 2021 for further details.

The discount will be applied automatically where we have been able to identify entitlement. If you qualify for this discount but it is not shown on your bill, or if you wish to opt out of receiving the discount, for example if the discount will exceed the £105,000 cap from 1 July 2021, please contact us.

Relief for local newspapers

A reduction of £1,500 for office space occupied by local newspapers.

The scheme will run to 31 March 2025. 

Read the relief for local newspapers scheme to check you meet the criteria before applying.

If you think you qualify but the relief is not shown on your bill please contact us.

Supporting small business rate relief

This scheme, which will run for five years, supports ratepayers who lost all or part of their small business rate relief following the revaluation. If you qualify for this relief it will be automatically granted.

Eligible ratepayers remain in the scheme for either five years or until they reach the bill they would have paid without the scheme. The scheme means each year your increase as a result of the revaluation is limited to the greater of:

a) a percentage increase of 5% in 2017/18; 7.5% in 2018/19; 10% in 2019/20; 15% in 2020/21 and 15% in 2021/22 (all plus inflation)  or
b) a cash value of £600 per year (£50 per month).

For the first year of the scheme the increase is taken against the bill for 31 March 2017 after small business rate relief.

In the first year of the scheme, this means all ratepayers losing some or all of their small business rate relief will see the increase in their bill capped at £600. The minimum increase is £600 per year thereafter. Ratepayers who paid nothing prior to 01.04.17 and are losing all of their entitlement to relief (i.e. moving from £6,000 rateable value or less to more than £15,000) would under this scheme be paying £3,000 in year five.

View the small business rate relief scheme for further details.     

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