Business Rate datasets

We receive regular freedom of information requests for information about business properties in the Elmbridge area. As many of these requests are for similar information we are now making the following commonly requested data available:

Spreadsheet of dataset 1 (as at 11 January 2022)

  1. All business properties in Elmbridge

  2. Current ratepayer name* and commencement date (please note a date of 01.04.1995 means the date was on or before this date)

  3. Correspondence address*

  4. Properties receiving charitable relief (mandatory and/or discretionary)

  5. Properties receiving small business rate relief

  6. Empty Properties

  7. Properties receiving local or retail relief

* The ratepayers name and correspondence address will only be shown for companies and other organisations. If the ratepayer is a person the name will be shown as 'The Ratepayer' and no correspondence address will be shown as required by Data Protection rules.

Known Issue - the property description is not shown in all cases. You can obtain the property description by entering the 'Property Reference' on the Valuation Office Agency, Custom and Revenues website (search by 'Billing authority reference number').

Valuation Office Agency

Spreadsheet of dataset 2 (as at 11 January 2022)

  1. All company accounts in credit with rateable value, property and correspondence address.

Elmbridge Borough Council cannot vouch for the ongoing accuracy of the data as information is being constantly updated. The information published is subject to the same screening process as information provided in respect of an information request, and therefore personal information has not been included in these datasets.

Disclaimer: While Elmbridge Borough Council has taken reasonable measures to check the accuracy and content of the list attached, we cannot warrant its completeness or accuracy. The Council cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of reliance on material contained in the datasets.

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