Apply for Housing Benefit

How to claim Housing Benefit

Complete the online form

Please read the guidance notes before completing you application. The form is designed to guide you as you work through it and ensure you only fill in the sections that are relevant to you. The form is secure and all of your information is encrypted. At the end of the form you will be advised of the documents required by us to support your application. A signed declaration is also required, this can be printed and returned to us with your supporting documents, if you are unable to print the page we will send it to you to return it with your supporting documents. These must be provided within 1 month of submitting your claim.

If you have any problems in supplying the information, please make sure you call us for advice. If you do not receive payslips you can ask your employer to complete a Certificate of Earnings. If you are self-employed and have just started trading or do not have audited accounts, you can complete a Self-employed Income form.  

Face-to-face appointments

If you come to the Civic Centre for a new claim appointment, we will complete the form with you, you will be advised prior to coming in of the |evidence that is required to support your claim. You will need to provide all supporting evidence within 1 month of the appointment. Appointments are available at the Civic Centre or by telephone. If you would like to see someone face to face but are unable to visit the Civic Centre because you are unwell, elderly or disabled, and you do not have anyone who can help you, we may be able to visit you. Please call the customer service section on 01372 474060 to arrange an appointment.

Telephone appointments

If you request a telephone appointment, we will call you back at an arranged time and complete the claim form with you over the phone. At the end of the phone call you will be advised of the documents we will need to see to support your application, this will be sent to you with a declaration for signature. You will need to return the declaration and provide the supporting evidence within 1 month of the appointment.

Our Commitment

When we receive you application we will check to see if you have provided all the information we need. If we need any other proof or have any questions, we will phone you (if you have given us a contact number), email or write to you.

When we have all the information we need, we will work out your claim. We will write or email (if you have selected that option) to tell you if you can get any Housing Benefit. We will also tell you what information we have used to work out your claim.

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