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Council Officer Information

Corporate Management Board

The Council's Corporate Management Board comprises:

The salary for these posts is in the following range: Chief Executive - 104,283 - 125,134; Strategic Director - 82,549 - 91,389; Strategic Director and Deputy Chief Executive 94,331 - 103,171.

|Salary Information for Corporate Management Board at 1 January 2014 in CSV format

|Election Fees Information

Corporate Management Board Salaries as at 1 January 2014
BodyBody NameNameJob TitleService AreaFTE of Minimum Contracted Hours
FTE Salary
Elmbridge Borough Council
Robert MoranChief ExecutiveHead of Paid Service, Principal Adviser to the Council, Overseer of all aspects of the running of the Council, Returning Officer for the Elections, Responsible for Policies, Personnel and Performance. Overall Budget of 77m serving 133,300 residents and 55,000 households.1.00
Elmbridge Borough Council
Sarah SelvanathanStrategic Director and Deputy Chief ExecutiveChief Finance Officer (S151 Officer- responsible for the financial affairs of the Council), Finance, Audit, Legal Services and Procurement, Information Communications Technology and E-Government, Council Tax and Business Rates, Housing, and Asset Management and Property Services.1.00
Elmbridge Borough Council
Ray LeeStrategic DirectorPlanning, Community Support Services, Environmental Care, Environmental Health and Licensing, and Leisure and Culture.1.00

Directorate Senior Staff Structure

Senior Staff Information

|For information about Senior Officer salaries over 60,000, see attached

|Senior Management Team

In addition to those managerial posts the Council employs 366 full time equivalent officers graded in the following salary ranges:
Principal Officers - 31,811 - 55,189
Supervisors - 27,013 - 31,185
Clerical/Admin Staff - 14,062 - 26,033

These figures exclude the costs of car allowances which range from 4,354 to 6,010.

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