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Working and Jobs

Search for job opportunities, check out different careers, get practical advice on job applications and interviews, and find out about training opportunities and New Deal schemes, plus information about your rights if you're in work.

|Working for Elmbridge Borough Council
Our up to date vacancies online.

|Holiday employment is also available. Find out more about job opportunities during the SHOUT! and SHOUT! Louder holiday activity scheme for 3 to 18 years old.

|Gov.uk provides a range of information regarding employment matters including:

  • Jobseekers
    Information on looking for work or training, thinking about different jobs and careers, or claiming Jobseeker's Allowance.
  • Employees
    Employees guide to rights at work, tax matters, health and safety issues, and more.
  • Employment for Parents
    Help with looking for work, information on maternity and paternity pay and leave, and flexible working rights.
  • Employment for Disabled People and Carers
    Advice on finding work, job schemes, special equipment in the workplace and the rights of disabled employees and the responsibilities of employers.
  • Employment for the Over 50's
    Get the most out of working in later life if you are looking for work, changing jobs or thinking about updating your skills.
  • Employment for Britons Abroad
    Find all you need to know about living and working abroad, including information about employment rights in different countries.

|Health and Safety
Health & Safety can be bewildering. Find out the basic requirements that any business will need to consider in order to manage Health & Safety effectively.

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