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What's New

New this week

01/10/2014|Healthy Walk: One Tree Hill and HIll Park Rose Nursery
01/10/2014|Healthy Walk: Molesey Circular Walk
01/10/2014|Healthy Cycle Ride : Kingston Towpath then via Bushy Park
01/10/2014|Healthy Walk: 15 minutes walk, return to start, 15 minutes
01/10/2014|Healthy Walk : Thames Court to Chertsey Bridge
01/10/2014|Healthy Walk : To Hampton Court for coffee
30/09/2014|Healthy Walk: 15 minutes short walk, then 30 minutes slow
30/09/2014|Healthy Cycle Ride : To Weybridge and back
30/09/2014|Healthy Walk : Brentford and the Working Thames
30/09/2014|Healthy Walk : Woodland Gardens and Bushy Park
30/09/2014|Healthy Walk : Molesey Lock and Millennium Marker
30/09/2014|Healthy Walk : Claygate Common
30/09/2014|Healthy Walk : Virginia Water Lake
30/09/2014|Healthy Walk : Molesey Circular Walk
30/09/2014|Healthy Walk : The Three Rivers
30/09/2014|Healthy Walk : Around Middle Pond
30/09/2014|Healthy Walk : Home Park and Hampton Court Gardens via towpath and Hurst Park
29/09/2014|Healthy Walk : 15 minutes short walk, then 30 minute slow
29/09/2014|Healthy Walk : Esher Common and Oxshott Heath
29/09/2014|Healthy Walk : Community Park including Change4Life 1 mile route
29/09/2014|Healthy Walk : Arbrook and Claygate Commons
29/09/2014|Healthy Walk : Thames Circular
29/09/2014|Fungi Walk
29/09/2014|Fungi Walk
26/09/2014|Santa Cycle
25/09/2014|Healthy Cycle Ride : To Molesey Lock and back
25/09/2014|Healthy Walk : Teddington Lock to Strawberry Hill House via back ways.

Updated this week

01/10/2014|Planning Applications Search (Updated)
01/10/2014|Volunteering (Updated)
01/10/2014|Useful contacts (Updated)
01/10/2014|Support for mums and their newborns (Updated)
01/10/2014|Safeguarding (Updated)
01/10/2014|Overview of Activities and Services (Updated)
01/10/2014|Frequently Asked Questions (Updated)
01/10/2014|Dad's Club (Updated)
01/10/2014|Children's Under 5s Centres (Updated)
01/10/2014|Bumps & Babes Sessions (Updated)
01/10/2014|Child Health Clinics (Updated)
01/10/2014|Advisory Board - What we do (Updated)
01/10/2014|Children's Centre opening times (Updated)
01/10/2014|Wasps and Hornets (Updated)
01/10/2014|Squirrels (Updated)
01/10/2014|Rats (Updated)
01/10/2014|Mouse (Updated)
01/10/2014|Moles (Updated)
01/10/2014|Household Textile Pests (Updated)
01/10/2014|Garden Ants (Updated)
01/10/2014|Fleas (Updated)
01/10/2014|Bed Bugs (Updated)
30/09/2014|Conservation Volunteers (Updated)
30/09/2014|Fees and Charges - Pest Control (Updated)
30/09/2014|Garden Waste Service (Updated)
30/09/2014|Surbiton Rotary Charity Car Boot Sale (Updated)
30/09/2014|Weybridge Centre (Updated)
30/09/2014|Claygate Centre (Updated)
30/09/2014|Molesey Centre (Updated)
30/09/2014|Walton Centre (Updated)
30/09/2014|Cobham Centre (Updated)
29/09/2014|Out of Hours (Updated)
29/09/2014|Noise - Quick Guide (Updated)
29/09/2014|The Weyfarers Beginners Rowing Course (Updated)
29/09/2014|Exercise at Centres for the Community (Updated)
29/09/2014|Fungi Foray (Updated)
29/09/2014|Food Hygiene Training Course Information (Updated)
29/09/2014|Food Hygiene and Safety Training (Updated)
29/09/2014|Demolition (Updated)
29/09/2014|Healthy Walk : Chobham Common (Updated)
29/09/2014|Green Spaces in Weybridge (Updated)
26/09/2014|Listed and Locally Listed Buildings (Updated)
25/09/2014|Swimming (Updated)
25/09/2014|Sport and Leisure Facilities (Updated)
25/09/2014|Winter Warmer Walk (Updated)
25/09/2014|HomeBuy, Shared Ownership and Key Worker Housing (Updated)
25/09/2014|Allotments - introduction (Updated)
25/09/2014|2014 Elmbridge Food Festival (Updated)
25/09/2014|Public Consultations (Updated)
24/09/2014|Healthy Walk : Esher Common (Updated)
24/09/2014|Healthy Walk : Autumn colour and recent changes in the Isabella Plantation (Updated)
24/09/2014|Healthy Walk : Molesey Circular Walk 21/10/2014 (Updated)
24/09/2014|Healthy Cycle Ride : Cobham/Bookham, pace to Suit (Updated)
24/09/2014|Healthy Walk : 15 minutes walk, return to start, 15 minutes (20/10/2014) (Updated)
24/09/2014|Healthy Walks: Nordic Walk Around Painshill Park (Updated)
24/09/2014|Healthy Walk : St Martha's and Merrow Downs (Updated)
24/09/2014|Healthy Walk : From llamas to lakes (Updated)
24/09/2014|African Inspired Dinner and Dance (Updated)
24/09/2014|Healthy Walk : 15 minutes short walk, then 30 minutes slow (Updated)
24/09/2014|Healthy Cycle Ride : To Walton Bridge and back (Updated)
24/09/2014|Healthy Walk : River Crane (south bank) and Fulwell Park (Updated)
24/09/2014|Healthy Walk : Ferry, Bushy Park and towpath (Updated)
24/09/2014|Pit Firing Pottery workshop (Adults only) (Updated)

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