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Find out about the Website

Our Mission Statement

Is to provide a website that is:

available 24/7, clear and easy to use

  • accessible to all residents in Elmbridge
  • accurate, provides up-to-date information and online transactions
  • continually improving and encouraging feedback.

Background Information

Elmbridge Borough Council's website was launched in November 2003. There have been a number of refreshes to the design and we are continuously adding new services to the site to enhance the service provided through this channel. All web services are available 24 hours a day (unless essential maintenance is being undertaken and this will be notified ahead of downtime). The '|What's New' section provides information about new and updated pages.

The site also includes "|My Neighbourhood" - a facility where you can personalise the information shown to give details of services near to where you live/work. Simply enter your house name/number and postcode to view topical information relating to the selected property.

The website aims to provide information about the Council and our services to the residents, public and visitors of Elmbridge, in addition we include a number of online services, which enable you to contact us directly through the website.

At the bottom of each page there is an option to "email a question about this page", which enables you to contact the team who provide the information on the viewed page and submit any questions about the content.

The website is designed and maintained by the officers of the Council, which ensures that the information provided is consistent with the information you would receive by phone or in writing.

Keeping our website up-to-date

Ensuring our web pages are kept up-to-date is critical. The key tasks undertaken to ensure this happens are:

  • broken links across the whole website are checked 4-5 times a week.
  • new events submitted to us are published within 48 hours.
  • news and important updates are published in a timely manner.
  • published monthly statistics are analysed looking for areas where improvements could be made to the visitor journey.
  • search words are continually updated to ensure information can be located easily, we also include any feedback on difficult to find pages.
  • run an online website survey annually to get direct feedback so that we can continually improve the website.

We hope that you like our website and welcome any comments or suggestions you have. If you have any problems or would like to |report any errors please complete the feedback form.

Website Availability

We aim to provide you with a 24/7 online Council available 99% of the time. We regularly monitor the availability of our web servers and you can view a |graphical representation of availability of the website.

Website Statistics

More than 54,000 users a month visit our web site, with more than |680,000 visitors in 2011.


We aim to make this website |accessible to all. We have achieved Conformance Level "AA" of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0. and many of our pages achieve AAA.

The Council is keen to use plain English in our everyday work, avoiding jargon. Using plain English reduces misunderstandings, unnecessary questions and saves time and money.


If you would like to have pages on our site translated into another language, please use |Free Translation

Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated, |please complete our feedback form alternatively you can write to the |Webmaster.

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