Missed bins

Missed bins

26 June 2017 

Service update 

Extra waste collection crews were operating on Saturday 24 June. If your street has still been missed, we apologise for this and we will return as soon as possible to empty your bin. Please look for your street on the list below and leave your bin out for collection.
If your street is listed below please do not report this via the missed bin collection.

If your street is not listed below please scroll down to report your individual missed bin collection

 Streets missed on Monday 19 June
 Street  Town  Food  Refuse  Recycling  Garden
 Anne Boleyn House (flats), Queens Reach  East Molesey      Yes  
 Ash Lodge (flats) Churchfield Road  Walton  Yes      
 Cottimore Lane  Walton        Yes
 Duchess Court  Weybridge      Yes  
 Egmont Road  Walton        
 Felix Lane  Shepperton      Yes  
 Old Palace Road  Weybridge      Yes  
 Rodwell Court (flats) Hersham Road  Walton    Yes  Yes  
 Rydens Road  Walton        Yes
 Selwyn Court (flats) Lansdown Close  Walton      Yes  
 Shaw Drive  Walton        Yes
 Thamesmead  Walton        Yes
 Wheatleys Eyot  Sunbury      Yes  


Streets missed on Tuesday 20 June

 Street  Town  Food  Refuse  Recycling  Garden
 Beaconsfield Road  Claygate        Yes
 Camm Gardens  Thames Ditton      Yes   
 Cholmley Villas ( flats)  Portsmouth Road  Thames Ditton      Yes   
 Denleigh Gardens  Thames Ditton      Yes  
 Elsworthy  Thames Ditton      Yes  
 Ennismore Gardens  Thames Ditton      Yes  
 Faraday Road (flats)  West Molesey      Yes  
 Fleetside  West Molesey    Yes    Yes
 Green Lane  West Molesey        Yes
 Grove Court  Walton      Yes  
 Home Farm Close  Thames Ditton      Yes  
 Leaf Close  Thames Ditton      Yes  
 Lytcott Drive  West Molesey    Yes    
 Mill Road  Esher      Yes  
 Mole Place  West Molesey        Yes
 Portland Place (flats) Portsmouth Road  Thames Ditton      Yes  
 Spring Gardens  West Molesey      Yes  
 Sterry Drive  Thames Ditton  Yes    Yes  
 The Woodlands  Esher        Yes
 Waterside (flats) Hampton Court Way  East Molesey      Yes  
 Weston Avenue  West Molesey        Yes


Streets missed on Wednesday 21 June

 Street  Town  Food  Refuse  Recycling  Garden
 Angel Road  Thames Ditton  Yes      Yes
 Bankside Drive  Thames Ditton  Yes      
 Beaconsfield Road  Claygate        Yes
 Beechwood Close  Long Ditton        Yes
 Beechwood Court, Station Avenue  Walton      Yes  
 Beechwood Grove  Long Ditton        Yes
 Chadwick Place  Long Ditton  Yes      
 Church Meadow  Long Ditton  Yes      
 Claremont Road, Claygate  Esher        Yes
 Copsem Lane  Esher      Yes  
 Couchmore Avenue  Esher  Yes    Yes  
 Coverts Road, Claygate  Esher        Yes
 Ditton Hill  Long Ditton        Yes
 Eastmont Road  Esher  Yes      
 Effingham Road  Long Ditton    Yes    
 Elm Gardens  Claygate  Yes      
 Ewell Road  Long Ditton        Yes
 Foley Road, Claygate  Esher  Yes      Yes
 Foxwarren  Claygate        Yes
 Garrick Close  Hersham    Yes    
 Gordon Road, Claygate  Esher        Yes
 Harefield  Esher  Yes      
 Heathside  Esher  Yes      
 High Street  Esher      Yes  
 Hinchley Manor (flats) Manor Road North  Esher  Yes      
 Holroyd Road, Claygate  Esher        Yes
 Jennings Close  Long Ditton    Yes    
 King Georges Walk (new flats)  Esher      Yes  
 Lissant Close  Long Ditton        Yes
 Littleworth Common Road  Esher  Yes      
 Littleworth Lane  Esher  Yes      
 Lovelace Road  Long Ditton  Yes      
 Medina Avenue  Esher  Yes      
 Montgomery Avenue  Esher  Yes      
 Queen Anne Drive, Claygate  Esher        Yes
 Ruxley Towers, Ruxley Ridge  Claygate  Yes      
 Rythe Close  Claygate      Yes  
 Savery Drive (even numbers 2-38)  Long Ditton  Yes  Yes    
 Savery Drive (odd numbers 1-25)  Long Ditton    Yes    
 Savery Drive (51 onwards)  Surbiton    Yes    
 Scott Farm Close  Thames Ditton        Yes
 Southbank  Thames Ditton        Yes
 St Marys Road  Long Ditton        Yes
 Surrey Lodge 1 (flats), Albany Crescent  Claygate  Yes      
 The Willows (flats) Albany Crescent  Claygate    Yes    
 Thorkhill Gardens  Thames Ditton    Yes    
 Thorkhill Road  Thames Ditton  Yes      
 Vale Croft, Claygate  Esher        Yes
 Vale Road  Claygate        Yes
 Vallings Place  Long Ditton  Yes  Yes    
 Westmont Road  Esher  Yes      
 Weston Park  Thames Ditton  Yes      
 Weston Road  Thames Ditton  Yes  Yes    
 Westwood Close  Esher  Yes      
 Whitegate Place, Millbourne Lane  Esher  Yes      
 Williams Grove  Long Ditton    Yes    
 Windmill Lane  Long Ditton    Yes    
 Winterdown Road plus Garsons Farm  Esher  Yes    Yes  
 Woodlands Close  Claygate        Yes


Streets missed on Thursday 22 June

 Street  Town  Food  Refuse  Recycling  Garden
 Albany Road  Hersham      Yes  
 Beales Lane  Weybridge        Yes
 Belmont  Weybridge    Yes    Yes
 Bramcote House (flats) York Road  Weybridge      Yes  
 Brooklands Lane  Weybridge      Yes  Yes
 Burwood Road  Hersham        Yes
 Caenwood Close  Weybridge    Yes    
 Chartfield Place  Weybridge        Yes
 Chaucer Avenue  Weybridge        
 Churchfields Ave  Weybridge        Yes
 Devonshire Road  Weybridge    Yes    
 Fir Grange Avenue  Weybridge        Yes
 Elgin Road  Weybridge        
 Firfields  Weybridge        
 Hamilton Mews  Weybridge    Yes    
 Heath Road  Weybridge    yes    
 Julian Hill  Weybridge        
 Manor Chase  Weybridge        Yes
 Manor Walk  Weybridge        Yes
 Netherby Park  Weybridge        Yes
 Old Esher Close  Hersham        
 Pond Close  Hersham        Yes
 Queens Road  Weybridge        Yes
 Robinsway (1-12)  Hersham      Yes  
 Rydens Grove  Hersham    Yes    
 St Albans Avenue  Weybridge    Yes    
 St Georges Road  Weybridge        
 St Michaels Court Princes Road  Weybridge        
 Spencer Avenue  Weybridge        
 Thames Street  Weybridge    Yes    
 Victoria Mews (flats), Balfour Road  Weybridge    Yes    
 Walpole Park  Weybridge        
 Walton Lane  Weybridge    Yes    Yes
 Wentworth Dene  Weybridge        Yes


Streets missed on Friday 23 June

 Street  Town  Food  Refuse  Recycling  Garden
 Anyards Road  Cobham    Yes    
 Arnewood Close  Leatherhead        Yes
 Belgrave Close  Walton      Yes  
 Between Streets  Cobham    Yes    
 Blue Barn Lane  Weybridge      Yes  
 Blundel Lane  Cobham        Yes
 Broom Hall  Leatherhead      Yes  
 Byfleet Road  Cobham      Yes  
 Canterbury Mews  Leatherhead        Yes
 Clock House Mead  Leatherhead        Yes
 Cobham Park  Cobham    Yes    
 Convent Lane  Cobham      Yes  
 Copse Road  Cobham    Yes    
 Copsem Lane  Esher    Yes    
 Englemere Park  Leatherhead        Yes
 Esher Road  Walton      Yes  
 Fairmile Avenue  Cobham    Yes    
 Goldrings Road  Leatherhead        Yes
 Gower Road  Weybridge      Yes  
 Hamilton Avenue  Cobham      Yes  
 Hawkhurst  Cobham        Yes
 Heathfield  Cobham        Yes
 High Street  Cobham      Yes  
 Holtwood Road  Leatherhead        Yes
 Irene Road  Cobham        Yes
 Kenilworth Avenue  Cobham        Yes
 Kimberley Ride  Cobham        Yes
 Kings Warren  Leatherhead    Yes    
 Lavender Gate  Leatherhead        Yes
 Littleheath Lane  Cobham        Yes
 Lyfield  Leatherhead        Yes
 Lushington Drive  Cobham    Yes    
 Mayfield Road  Walton      Yes  
 Midgarth Close  Leatherhead        Yes
 Molesey Road  Walton      Yes  
 Mossfield  Cobham      Yes  
 New Berry Lane  Walton      Yes  
 Oaksend Close  Leatherhead    Yes    Yes
 Ockham Lane  Cobham    Yes    
 Oxdowne Close  Cobham        Yes
 Parkfields  Leatherhead    Yes    
 Percival Close  Leatherhead    Yes    
 Pond Piece  Leatherhead        Yes
 Portsmouth Road  Cobham    Yes    
 Queens Drive  Leatherhead    Yes    
 Randolph Close  Cobham        Yes
 Richards Road  Cobham        Yes
 Ridgeway Close  Leatherhead    Yes    
 Seven Hills Road  Cobham      Yes  
 Sheath Lane  Leatherhead        Yes
 Somerville Road  Cobham        Yes
 Steels Lane  Leatherhead        Yes
 St Martins Drive  Walton      Yes  
 The Gables  Leatherhead      Yes  
 The Ridings  Cobham    Yes    
 The Starlings  Leatherhead        Yes
 The Warren  Leatherhead      Yes  
 Trafalgar Court  Cobham    Yes    
 Twinoaks  Cobham        Yes
 Warren Lane  Leatherhead        Yes
 Waverley Road  Cobham        Yes
 Webster Close  Leatherhead        Yes
 Woodlands Lane  Cobham        Yes
 Woodside Road  Cobham        Yes
 Woodsway  Leatherhead        Yes
 Wychwood Close  Leatherhead        Yes


Please do not report a missed collection before 4 pm on your collection day.
You can report a missed bin up to 2 working days after your due collection day. For example, if your collection day is Monday you can report a missed bin up to 23.59 on Wednesday; if your collection day is on Friday you can report a missed bin up to 23.59 on Tuesday.
Your bins will not be collected if:

  • they are not out on the correct collection day before 6.30 am. You can check your collection day using My Neighbourhood  

  • they contain items we don’t collect

  • they are too heavy to be tipped into the truck.  You may have to lighten the content before we can return to empty it

Once you have reported your missed bin collection, make sure your bin is out on the edge of the property. We will let you know whether it has been collected or not.

Our Commitment

Missed bins will be picked up as soon as possible following the reported date. Please leave your bin out until it has been collected.

To report a missed medical waste collection, please contact Customer Services on 01372 474474.

To report a missed clothes collection, please contact British Heart Foundation on 0600 138 6556.

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