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Council Tax Support/Benefit

If you, or others who live with you, are on a low income and liable to pay council tax you may be able to reduce your bill by claiming Council Tax Support (previously Council Tax Benefit). Unfortunately, if your capital exceeds 16,000, you will not qualify for Council Tax Support unless you are entitled to Guaranteed Pension Credit.

Working age people living in homes with a council tax band above "D" (ie "E" to "H") will have their support (but not their bill) worked out on a band "D" charge. The amount due over and above the band "D" charge must be met in full. However if you have a vulnerable person in your household this restriction will not apply.

IMPORTANT - from 1st April 2014 the scheme will change and most people of working age will have to pay some council tax (in some cases support/benefit will no longer be available).

You can find out more (and how to claim) on our |Housing Benefits web pages.

You can also find out |how much you may be able to claim and use our on line benefit calculator.

Alternatively you can call our Customer Service Team on 01372 474060. The service team will also be able to advise you about Housing Benefit if you are liable to pay rent to a private landlord or housing association.

If you want advice or have any queries about other welfare benefits you may be entitled to, please call our special benefit/welfare helpline on 01372 474284.

or you can contact the |Citizens Advice Bureau on:

01932 248660 for the Walton area or

01372 464770 for the Esher area

If you want to find out if you can get pension credit, please call 0800 99 1234.

Fraud and information sharing

We must protect public funds and may use the information you give us to prevent and detect fraud. We regularly check existing
claims. We may also share information within the Council and with organisations approved by the Information Commissioner, including credit reference agencies and the National Fraud Initiative, for the purpose of detecting and preventing council tax or benefit fraud and for the administration of these services.

If you suspect someone is falsely claiming benefit, |please complete a form or |contact us by email.

Alternatively, ring 01372 474291 (your contact will be treated in complete confidence)

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