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Trees and Development in Elmbridge - A Guide to Incorporating Trees in Proposals For Developing Land

If you wish to apply for planning permission within Elmbridge it is important you read this document first. Due to the size of this guide it has been divided into 3 sections which are available to download below.

  • A picture of a mature tree next to a house|Section 1 includes Parts 1 to 4
    Part 1 - Introduction
    Part 2 - The Legislation and Planning Policy Framework
    Part 3 - A Guide to Incorporating Trees into the Development Process
    Part 4 - What Damages Trees on Development Sites


  • |Section 2 includes Parts 5 to 8
    Part 5 - Documentation Required with the Submission of a Planning Application
    Part 6 - Determining Your Application
    Part 7 - How and When TPOs Will be Made
    Part 8 - Monitoring Your Site and Enforcement Action


  • |Section 3 includes appendices
    Appendix 1 - Example Tree Survey
    Appendix 2 - Example Implications Assessment
    Appendix 3 - Example Tree Protection Plan (TPP)
    Appendix 4 - Example method Statement
    Appendix 5 - Possible Sequence of Events During Development
    Appendix 6 - Applications 10 Point Checklist
    Appendix 7 - Further Sources of Reference/Bibliography
    Appendix 8 - Who Can You Contact?

Trees and Development in Elmbridge

|A Companion Guide to Trees and Development in Elmbridge

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