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Call for Sites

We always welcomes new sites for potential inclusion within the Land Availability Assessment or a future Local Plan. These can be submitted at any time and there is currently no end date for the Call for Sites. Please note that the submitted sites will only be assessed at the appropriate time(s) during the plan making process. The progress of the plans being prepared can be found within our |Local Development Scheme and via our |Progress Update page.

What is the purpose of the call for sites?

The purpose of the call for sites is to provide an opportunity for anyone to submit a site to us for consideration for allocation and future development as part of the preparation of the Elmbridge Local Plan.

This will help to ensure that there is sufficient land available across the Borough and within our local areas to meet our development needs. Where appropriate this includes allocating land for housing, retail, commercial and community development, infrastructure, and pitches for Gypsies and Travellers.

How do I submit a site for consideration?

If you are aware of any site(s) that may have development potential over the next 15 years please let us know by completing and submitting the relevant form:

This form can be submitted by post to the Planning Policy Team, Elmbridge Borough Council, Civic Centre, High Street, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9SD or sent electronically to |Planning Policy.

What type of sites are we looking for?

In terms of sites for new housing development we would be interested in hearing from any developers, agents and landowners with site(s) in the following areas, capable of providing 5+ net dwellings, which have not already put the forward to us for possible allocation.

We have not set criteria for any other proposed land-uses e.g. sites for education provision. All other development proposals will initially be considered.

Next Steps

Each site will be assessed as to its development potential using our assessment methodology. In the event that we consider that there may be merit in allocating a site for future development we will contact you beforehand if necessary.

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