Local plan

Our local plan

Our Local Plan guides planning and development in the Borough and comprises two main documents. 

  • The Core Strategy 2011 is the principal planning document that sets out the vision, spatial strategy and core policies that are used for shaping future development in the Borough up to 2026,

  • The Development Management Plan 2015 contains more detailed “every day” policies that all planning applications are assessed against.

Please note that Policy DM10 on Housing (section c) refers to local minimum space standards. These have been superseded by Nationally described space standards.

Please also note that as the Government has withdrawn the Code for Sustainable Homes and removed consideration for energy requirements from national policy and guidance, no weight can be given to matters set out in the first paragraph of Core Strategy Policy CS27 'Sustainable Buildings'. There is also no longer a need to complete a Climate Neutral Checklist.

Policies map

The policies map shows allocations and designations arising from policies in the Local Plan.

Evidence and supporting statements

The Local Plan is supported by a range of evidence documents and supporting statements. These were required as part of the preparation and examination of the plan but they can also help you in preparing any supporting statements required as part of your planning application.

View evidence and supporting documents

We also monitor these policies on an annual basis to ensure they are effective.

Information on the need for and supply of gypsy and traveller pitches is currently unknown. An addendum providing this information will be attached to the Authority Monitoring Report when the information is available.    

Reviewing the Local Plan

As a result of national policy reforms and changes to our social, economic and environmental characteristics, we must monitor and review our planning policies.

The timetable for the review, consultation and publication of a new plan is published in a document called the “Local Development Scheme”. It explains when we will consult on the plan, when it will be examined and when we hope to adopt the plan.

On 15 November 2017, we adopted a new Local Development Scheme that sets out the work programme up to 2020.

Download the Local Development Scheme   

Shaping Elmbridge: a new Local Plan

We consulted on the Strategic Options, the first stage in the process for developing a new Local Plan, from Friday 16 December 2016 until Friday 24 February 2017. We received a large number of comments, around 50,000 from 3,760 respondents. A summary of consultation responses document outlining the issues raised and all the comments received is now available to view on the Strategic Options Consultation webpage.

Update - 18 December 2017

The changes proposed by Government set out within the Housing White Paper require us to undertake further work to build on our existing evidence.

We are currently working on the following key projects to inform the emerging Local Plan:

  • Urban Capacity Study

  • Benchmarking the Strategic Housing Market Assessment to consider the standardised methodology published by the Government

  • Density Assessment

  • Green Belt Boundary Review - Supplementary Work

  • Duty to Cooperate

  • Viability Study

  • Commercial Property Market Study

  • Infrastructure Delivery Plan

  • Transport Assessment


Update - 23 November 2017 

The Government's consultation on a new methodology regarding assessing housing need in England has now closed.

Please see the Council's response to the consultation. Please also see the accompanying glossary which explains some of the technical terms and acronyms featured in the response.

Please also see the letter response to the standardised methodology from the Surrey Leaders Group.

Please continue to check this page for updates on the Government's consultation.

Previous Updates

 A Position Statement was agreed for publication by Cabinet on the 5 July 2017. This document explains the current planning policy context and evaluates the impact of the delay on the preparation of a new Local Plan.  This position statement supersedes the May 2017 - Statement of progress on the new local plan.

In February 2017, the Government published a new white paper on housing called 'Fixing our broken housing market'. The White Paper sets out a number of proposals that the Government believes will support local planning authorities and developers to deliver more land for housing and ensure that development on this land comes forward more quickly and efficiently.

Government's Housing White Paper 'Fixing our broken housing market'

Read the Council's report and proposed response to the Government's Housing White Paper.

Following concerns raised during the consultation and to provide greater clarity on the Government’s position as set out in the Housing White Paper, the Leader of Elmbridge Borough Council, Councillor Stuart Selleck wrote to Sajid Javid, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. The document below includes the letter sent and the letter received from the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Letter confirming Government’s position on Local Plan preparation

Getting involved

Community participation is a vital aspect in the planning policy process and there is an opportunity to get involved early in the process. We have produced a document called the Statement of Community Involvement which sets out how you can get involved.

Statement of Community Involvement

We also hold regular planning services user group meetings for people who use the planning service and want to keep abreast of current issues in planning.

If you want to get involved in future consultations then you can register on the Planning Consultation Portal

Other consultations

Between 1 November 2017 and 7 February 2018, Surrey County Council consulted on their Draft Waste Local Plan. Elmbridge Borough Council responded to this consultation and will continue to respond to further consultations as the Plan develops. 

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