Local plan

Our local plan

Our Local Plan guides planning and development in the Borough and comprises two main documents. 

The Core Strategy 2011 is the principal planning document that sets out the vision, spatial strategy and core policies that are used for shaping future development in the Borough up to 2026.

Read the Core Strategy

The Development Management Plan 2015 contains more detailed “every day” policies that all planning applications are assessed against.

Read the Development Management Plan

Please note that Policy DM10 on Housing (section c) refers to local minimum space standards. These have been superseded by Nationally Described Space Standards.

Policies Map

The policies map shows allocations and designations arising from policies in the Local Plan.

Evidence and supporting statements

The Local Plan is supported by a range of evidence documents and supporting statements. These were required as part of the preparation and examination of the plan but they can also help you in preparing any supporting statements required as part of your planning application.

View Evidence and Supporting Documents

We also monitor these policies on an annual basis to ensure they are effective.

Information on the need for and supply of gypsy and traveller pitches is currently unknown. An addendum providing this information will be attached to the Authority Monitoring Report when the information is available.    

Reviewing the Local Plan

As a result of national policy reforms and changes to our social, economic and environmental characteristics, we must monitor and review our planning policies.

The timetable for the review, consultation and publication of a new plan is published in a document called the “Local Development Scheme”. It explains when we will consult on the plan, when it will be examined and when we hope to adopt the plan.

On 14 September 2016, we adopted a new Local Development Scheme that sets out the work programme up to 2019.

Download the Local Development Scheme

We are consulting on the Strategic Options, the first stage in the process for developing a new Local Plan, from Friday 16 December 2016 until 4pm on Friday 24 February 2017. We would like to hear your views on the consultation. To read the document and answer the online response form, please view all the information on our consultation webpage.

View the Strategic Options Consultation Webpage

Community participation is a vital aspect in the planning policy process and there is an opportunity to get involved early in the process. We have produced a document called the Statement of Community Involvement which sets out how you can get involved.

Read our Statement of Community Involvement

We also hold regular planning services user group meetings for people who use the planning service and want to keep abreast of current issues in planning.

If you want to get involved in future consultations then you can Register on the Planning Consultation Portal.

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