Heritage Strategy

Heritage Strategy

We think of our listed buildings, conservation areas, scheduled monuments and historic parks as being the Borough's "Crown Jewels". They are important as individual entities but together they help to create our unique historic environment and add architectural, historic, artistic and archaeological value. Elmbridge has 770 Listed Buildings, 300 Locally Listed Buildings, 25 Conservation Areas, 3 Historic Parks and Gardens, 6 Scheduled Monuments and 56 Sites of High Archaeological Potential. These contribute significantly to the Borough's attractive environment as well as its economic and social vitality. However they are irreplaceable resources which are vulnerable to change and can become at risk from decay, neglect and other threats.

The Heritage Strategy

As a local authority we have certain duties to care for its historic environment and the assets it contains and to find the right priorities for future work. The new Heritage Strategy provides the framework for how we understand, preserve, manage, integrate, interpret and promote our heritage both in the immediate and long term future. The document reviews the national and local heritage context, identifies some of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for service delivery before suggesting key priorities and recommendations. Views from national and local heritage organisations informed the initial document and a 6 week period of public consultation provided a number of positive responses from those involved in the heritage environment. The Strategy document was endorsed by Council on 2 December 2015 and forms part of the Local Plan.

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 The Heritage team have

  • Undertaken a “Buildings at Risk” survey to examine and assess risks to our statutory Listed Buildings

  • Improved availability and access to heritage information through improvements to the Council’s website

  • Investigted a SPAN estate at Templemere, Weybridge as a potential conservation area in collaboration with members of the local community and consultants.  Following a 6 week public consultation it was designated as a conservation area by Planning Committee on 13 June 2017.  

The Heritage team are currently

  • Completing public consultation on the new Brooklands Conservation Management Plan prior to presentation to Planning Committee

Planning - Painshill Park showing the ruined abbey set against the lake

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