Consultation - Templemere Estate

Consultation - Templemere, Weybridge

This consultation has now closed.

Public consultation on the designation of a new Conservation Area at Templemere and on the Character Appraisal and Management Plan document.

The Council is proposing to designate a new Conservation Area at Templemere in Weybridge. This is in recognition of a unique 1960s SPAN development of 65 houses set in 12 acres of historic grounds. The Council has also produced a Character Area Appraisal and Management Plan consultation document for the new area and is keen to hear the views of local residents and organisations.

A Conservation Area is defined as “An area of special interest the character and appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance". The character appraisal document provides written definition, analysis and appraisal of what makes an individual area special and identifies actions for protection and improvement. The final document will be used by planners and the local community as a basis for understanding the area, informing decision making, monitoring and management.

There are 25 Conservation Areas designated in Elmbridge and these include historic town centres at Esher and Weybridge, village greens at Giggs Hill and The Tilt in Cobham, a 1920s philanthropic retirement village at Whiteley Village, motor racing circuit at Brooklands and 17thC river navigation channels along the River Wey. The most recently designated new conservation is Lakeside Drive, Esher, a 1970s development laid out to the designs of award winning architect Royston Summers.

Community involvement is an essential part of any appraisal and the consultation document has been produced as part of a collaborative process involving local residents, a representative from the Surrey Gardens Trust and planning officers and was co-coordinated by heritage consultants. An investigation to consider whether Templemere was worthy of designation as a new Conservation Area was carried out in April 2016 and an interim report was produced and considered in June. Following a generally positive response from those involved it was agreed to pursue designation status and use the interim report to form the basis of a Character Appraisal and Management Plan document. There is now a six-week period of public consultation, which will commence on 5 December 2016.

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How to respond

This consultation has now closed.

Your comments are very welcome and these will be analysed and taken into account to inform the final document. Comments should be emailed to Planning Services or sent to the Heritage Section, Planning Services, Civic Centre, High Street, Esher, KT10 9SD by Monday 16 January 2017.  When commenting please include your full name and postal address and where possible, the section title and number and paragraph of the document that your comments, concerns and suggestions relate to.  An indication of whether you generally support the document and its proposals or not would be very useful.  Please note that your representations cannot be kept confidential and may be made available publicly.

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