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Make a Planning Application

Before you make an application, have you:

Elmbridge receives 80% of applications online and we recommend that you make your planning application via the Planning Portal. Registration is easy and you can complete your application form, upload drawings and supporting documents. Using our |online payment or |telephone payment facility at the time of submission will ensure that your application is not delayed by waiting for cheques sent by post.

Please note a planning application cannot be progressed until all the necessary supporting information and the appropriate fee is received. All applicants are encouraged to |seek pre-application advice before submitting their application.

|Make a planning application here

If you prefer, you can complete your application form online and submit supporting documents and fees by post. Alternatively you can |download an application form here.

Technical Assistance

If you have a technical issue that needs resolving (such as the Planning Portal operating incorrectly or your login details not working) you can raise a support query with the |Planning Portal Help Centre.

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