Renew a car park permit

Renewing your car park permit - new virtual permit system

From February 2018, car park permits are issued via a virtual paperless permit system called MiPermit.  You are no longer required to display a parking permit. You will be able to buy a virtual permit online 24/7 and can park immediately after paying for the permit online. Your vehicle details will be synchronised with the patrolling enforcement officers hand-held computers in real-time.

Permits are available to buy annually or monthly.  You can choose to buy as many months as you need. Each month costs the same, irrespective of the number of months you buy.  You will receive a discounted rate if you choose to buy an annual permit. 

How to renew your permit if you do not have a car park permit using a MiPermit account

A renewal letter will be sent to you 1 month before the expiry date. You are able to buy your virtual permit online, which automatically creates your MiPermit account. You will then be set up to manage your permit online for any future requirements.

How to renew your permit if you have a car park permit using a MiPermit account

Renewing your permit online is easy to do through your MiPermit account. A reminder email will be sent 14 days before your permit runs out. To renew your permit, follow the instructions in the renewal email, or read our user guide.  If you do not renew your permit before it expires you will need will to buy a new permit, subject to availability in your chosen car park.

If you have bought a permit and chosen to auto renew you will be notified by email 14 days before your permit is due to expire. Your renewal payment will be taken 7 days before your permit expires. Please ensure your payment details are kept up to date in your MiPermit account. If your renewal payment fails you will be notified by email, and you will need to log into your account to resolve payment.

If you need to contact MiPermit Customer Service about your account call 0345 520 7007. Usage of car park permits is subject to the terms and conditions.

Car Park Permit prices from 1 January 2018
Car park   Location Postcode  Annual price  Monthly price 
 Ashley Park  Walton  KT12 1XA   £1090  £105.63 
 Ashley Road  Thames Ditton  KT7 0NH   £427  £43.75
 Baker Street    Weybridge   KT13 8AE  £1090  £105.63 
 Berguette  Esher  KT10 9DW  £1090  £105.63 
 Cedar Road  Cobham   KT11 8UD  £1090  £105.63 
 Churchfield Road  Weybridge   KT13 8DB  £1090  £105.63 
 Civic Centre  Esher  KT10 9SD  £1090  £105.63 
 Drewitts Court  Walton   KT12 1AE  £1090  £105.63 
 Halfway  Walton   KT12 1RW (Hersham Road)  £427  £43.75
 Hare Lane  Claygate   KT10 0RD  £427  £43.75
 Heather Place  Esher   KT10 8NN  £1090  £105.63 
 Highwaymans Cottage  Esher   KT10 9LG (near Waitrose)  £1090  £105.63 
 Hollyhedge Road  Cobham   KT11 3DQ  £1090  £105.63 
 Manor Road  Walton  KT12 2NS   £1090  £105.63 
 Mayfield Road  Walton Station  KT12 5PL (Guildford bound side)   £1417  £134.40
 New Berry Lane  Hersham  KT12 4HQ (next to Waitrose car park)  £427  £43.75
 Oatlands Village  Weybridge   KT13 9Ae (Oatlands Drive)  £427  £43.75
 Southbank  Long Ditton  KT7 0UD (by Winters Bridge)   £427  £43.75
 Station Avenue  Walton Station  KT12 2NR (London bound side)  £1417  £134.40
 Steels Lane  Oxshott  KT22 0JP   £427  £43.75
 The Heath North  Weybridge  KT13 8TX (by Hand and Spear Pub)   £1417  £134.40
 The Heath South  Weybridge  KT13 0UN (Brooklands Road)   £1417  £134.40
 Torrington Lodge  Claygate   KT10 0RA (Hare Lane)  £427  £43.75
 Walton Park  Hersham  KT12 3ET   £1417  £134.40
 Walton Road  East Molesey  Kt8 0DL   £427  £43.75
 York Road  Weybridge  KT13 9DY  £427   £43.75

Replace a paper car park permit

If you need to get a replacement season ticket because it is lost, stolen or damaged you will need to contact us and provide details about what has happened to your ticket. You will be charged £15 to get a replacement ticket.


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