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Terms and Conditions for Use of Elmbridge Borough Council Online Services (EBOS)

Elmbridge Borough Council Online Services (EBOS) allows registered users to view their own personal records and make payments online. Currently, this service is available for Council Tax only, however, additional services and features may be added for users' future convenience.

Registration and login

You can become a registered user for EBOS by entering your personal details on the |Elmbridge Borough Council (EBC) website or |Government Gateway web pages.

Once registered you will be given a unique User ID, Password and activation PIN.

It is vital that you keep your password details secret and do not allow anyone else access to it. If you suspect that your password is no longer secret, you can change it via the |Government Gateway web pages.

If you forget your User ID, you can request it to be re-sent to you by post via the EBC website. If you forget your Password, you can request a replacement to be sent to you by post on via the EBC website. If you lose both your User ID and Password, you will need to contact the |EBC Online Helpdesk.

Data Protection

if you become a registered user, your personal details may be stored on both the Government Gateway and EBC systems and held in accordance with the respective privacy policies of each site. You can view the Government Gateway privacy policy on the Gateway web pages and the |EBC Privacy Policy on the EBC website. Additionally, if you provide your e-mail address (optional) this may be used by the Government Gateway to communicate with you and send you messages about other Government online services.


If you wish to de-register for EBOS, you can do so via the Government Gateway web pages or EBC website.

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