Travellers update

Travellers update

26 January 2017

Following the unauthorised encampment along the Waterside Drive footpath, the Council’s Gypsy/Traveller Liaison Officer has visited the site to carry out an assessment required under the legal protocol for dealing with unauthorised gypsy/traveller sites.

On Wednesday 25 January we served them with a Notice of Direction to leave by Monday 30 January 2017 under Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994. If they do not leave in compliance with this Notice,  the Council will seek a removal order from the Magistrates Court.

In addition a separate group of vehicles are residing along the riverside in the layby next to the old Walton Casuals FC site and the Council have instructed Bailiffs to effect their removal. 

Council Protocol

Download the Council’s protocol for the Management of Unauthorised Gypsy and Traveller Encampments (updated in September 2015). 

Find out more about gypsy/traveller sites in Surrey.

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