'The Bus Shelter'

As part of its work with young people in Elmbridge, Elmbridge Community and Safety Partnership and Surrey County Council are working with The Life Train Trust to bring ‘The Bus Shelter’ to Walton-on-Thames this summer.

At various dates throughout the summer the bus will be parked around Walton-on-Thames offering young people a hang out, to get online (the bus has WIFI) and to seek advice from experienced youth workers on a range of subjects from courses and school work to CVs and health. 

The Bus Shelter will be in Walton-on-Thames on the below dates:

  • Friday 28 July, Ashley Park, 6-9pm

  • Wednesday 2 August, Ashley Park, 12-3pm

  • Thursday 3 August, Ashley Park, 12-3pm

  • Friday 4 August, Ashley Park , 6-9pm

  • Friday 11 August, Ashley Park, 6-9pm

  • Friday 18 August, Ashley Park  6-9pm

  • Monday 21 August, Ashley Park, 11am-4pm

  • Tuesday 22 August, Ashley Park, 11am-4pm

  • Wednesday 23 August, Elmgrove Park, 1pm-4pm

  • Thursday 24 August, Ashley Park, 11am-4pm

  • Friday 25 August, Ashley Park, 6-9pm

Tracey Osborn, Head of Youth Work, from The Life Train Trust, is delighted to bring the Trust’s passion for youth development to Walton-on-Thames;

“The Life Train Trust is committed to helping young people reach their potential but we cannot do that from behind a desk, we need to go out meeting young people. To do that we work with schools and youth clubs and we have ‘The Bus Shelter’ which goes directly to young people.  They can come aboard the bus just to hang-out with their friends or they can take the opportunity to find out more about how they can develop themselves both socially and academically. We offer a team of experienced youth workers, in a relaxed and friendly environment and over the years we have seen lots of young people respond well to this experience; this had been their first step to realising their potential.”

Councillor Mary Marshall, Portfolio Holder for Community & Corporate Development at Elmbridge Borough Council fully supports this outreach programme;

“The Bus Shelter is a fantastic innovation and provides an opportunity for experienced youth workers to meet and talk directly with the young people of Walton-on-Thames. I would encourage parents, guardians and friends to spread the word about this great service. Please encourage your young people from Walton-on-Thames to come along – even if, in the first instance it’s only to use the free WiFi.”

Other key dates for youth activities in Elmbridge:

  • Tuesday 22 August 11am-4pm Walton Youth centre – try your hand at Digital Music Making and enjoy some food for free.

  • Wednesday 23 August Elmgrove Park ‘Celebration Event’ – young people invited for food, fun and activities to celebrate five fantastic years of the bus project

  • Thursday 24 August 11am-4pm – Ashley Park ‘Team Building Day – beat the clock and solve the challenges

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