Putting Weybridge on the map

A new Weybridge map has been unveiled at Weybridge train station to encourage visitors to explore the town and surrounding areas.

Designed by Holly Carter, an art student Brooklands College and produced in partnership with Elmbridge Borough Council, South Western Railway and the Weybridge Town Business Group, the map is seen as the beginning of work to enhance the aesthetics of Weybridge train station.

Holly Carter is thrilled to be part of this project; “I wanted to create a fun and appealing map of Weybridge station in relation to the town centre and it is really exciting to see my design on show for everyone to see.”

Cllr Peter Harman, Ward Councillor for Weybridge and St George’s Hill has been instrumental in the creation of the project;

“Improving the look and feel of Weybridge station is important to me. It is such a busy station and essential for so many residents that I wanted it to feel part of the community. Holly’s great map design shows visitors the layout of Weybridge in a fun and informative way.

“I would like this to be the first in a series of projects to improve the appearance of Weybridge station, such as showcasing artwork from local artists and students and floral displays around the station.”

Richard Kempton from South Western Railway is delighted to be a partner in this community project;

“This is great example of community initiative and spirt and I am delighted to be part of it. As the new rail network provider, South Western Railways wants to play its part in the Elmbridge community and we look forward to working closely with the Council and local colleges and businesses.”




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