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Elmbridge Helps Businesses Fly the Flag

Elmbridge Borough Council has helped two groups of businesses get ready to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee and Olympic Cycle Road Race and Time Trial events by providing them with grants from the |Elmbridge Civic Improvement Fund.

Thames Ditton High Street Retailers' Association applied to the grant scheme for funds to help with the installation of flags and flagpoles in their village centre. The Union Jack flags and flagpoles were installed in time for the first ever Thames Ditton High Street Summer Fair which took place on Saturday 26 May. Every retailer in the high street was involved, either putting on a special community activity or special promotion.

Tricia Welch Bland, Chairman of the association, said: "In addition to a fantastic day for the community, the Fair and the Flags were a fantastic boost for the shops which need supporting - all Photo of Thames Ditton High Street showing flags purchased with ECIF funds provided by kind permission of Thames Ditton High Street Retailers Associationreported brisk trading throughout. On behalf of everyone in the Retailers' Association, set up to support our local traders, backed by the message of our 'Keep the heart on our High Street' campaign, I would like to thank Elmbridge for so generously supporting the Flags initiative, and Thames Ditton High Street shops and businesses, with the Elmbridge Civic Improvement Grant."

|Walton Business Group also applied to the grant scheme for funds for installing flags, as well as banners, along The Halfway, Walton. This was part of a range of projects the business group were implementing to raise the profile of this strip of shops, restaurants and other businesses. Union Jack flags have already been installed in time for the Jubilee celebrations and the London 2012 Games; work is ongoing to get the banners ready which will highlight the area to residents and visitors. Sarah-Jane Shellard of the Walton Business Group said, "We are delighted to get the assistance from Elmbridge for this project particularly during this tough economic time. There was a real sense of excitement and community when the flags went up."

|Councillor John O'Reilly, Leader of the Council, said: "These are exactly the types of projects that the Elmbridge Civic Improvement Fund was set up to help and I am delighted that we have been able, through the grant scheme, to support businesses in encouraging visitors and residents to use local services. There are funds still available for groups of businesses and individual businesses to apply for which can only help boost the local economy and I would encourage them to take advantage of this opportunity".

The Elmbridge Civic Improvement Fund was launched in April 2009 and has so far approved 73 applications for a grant. Individual businesses can apply to the fund for help with improving empty shops, existing shop fronts and signage and promoting their business whilst groups of businesses can apply for funding to help with street scene improvements like Walton Business Group and the Thames Ditton High Street Retailers' Association.

To apply for funding, or to find out more about the scheme, |find out more on the Elmbridge Civic Improvement Fund pages or contact the |Corporate Policy and Partnerships team.




Last Updated: 31/5/2012 10:34:43 AM

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