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Councillor Conduct - Be Our Independent Voice

Elmbridge Borough Council is looking for a volunteer who can help the Council maintain high standards of conduct amongst its Members.Photography of the Civic Centre

Anthony Stephens JP, Chairman of the |Audit and Standards Committee, stresses the importance of this new role: "The Government is shaking up standards in local government. Gone is a top-down approach to regulation. In comes localism: a new Code of Conduct and new arrangements for handling complaints - all decided locally. We're looking for a respected individual who can offer a view, either to the Council or the councillor concerned, if a complaint is made."

This is an unpaid position but one which carries public responsibility. What sort of person would fit the bill? Experience in developing or interpreting codes of conduct would be an advantage, as would knowledge of local government and the need for propriety in the public sector.

To ensure your voice is truly independent the law rules you out for this role if you are, or have been within the last five years, a member, co-opted member of Elmbridge Borough Council or |Claygate Parish Council or if you are a close friend or relative of any of those persons.

To find out more about this role and to make an application, please visit the |Council's vacancy pages or |contact the Head of Legal Services. Closing date for applications is 13 April 2012.

Last Updated: 22/3/2012 10:19:15 AM

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