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Elmbridge Junior Lacrosse Tournament Coming To Claremont Fan Court

Following last year's successful event, |Cobham Lacrosse are running their annual Elmbridge Primary Schools Pop Lacrosse competition at |Claremont Fan Court School on Saturday 24 March from 9.30 am until 1 pm. The event will be supported by Elmbridge Council as part as '|Elmbridge Celebrates...' Project targeted at people who want to learn new sports skills, lead healthier lifestyles and celebrate the cultural diversity of the Borough. Lacrosse April 2011

Last year, the event attracted 20 teams from schools from within and outside the Borough. In total, over 200 junior lacrosse players from state primary and prep schools up to the age of 11 took part. We are hoping that this year's competition will attract as many contestants and will be as exciting as last year.

Lacrosse is a fast, fun, free flowing game that virtually anyone can play. It is an accessible and adaptable sport that has recently enjoyed a substantial growth in numbers of schools participating in the game. The sport is now played in over 22% of schools nationwide.

The elite game is played internationally in over 30 countries. At all levels, Lacrosse maximises hand-eye coordination and consistently works core muscle groups enhancing cardiovascular systems. It requires high levels of team interaction.

|Councillor Jan Fuller, Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture, said, "This promises to be a great tournament with so many teams involved. It will provide children who do not often get the chance to do so the opportunity to play a field sport in a competitive environment. This will also hopefully inspire local school to develop this brilliant sport further and adopt it as part of their sports curriculum".

Find out more information about Lacrosse by visiting |Cobham Lacrosse's web pages or |contact the Sports Development Team.


Last Updated: 22/3/2012 9:28:15 AM

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