Is your home losing heat?

Is your home losing heat?

13 June 2016

Elmbridge residents can now check how much heat is escaping from their homes with a new heat loss map.

Elmbridge Borough Council is encouraging residents to check if their homes could require improved insulation to reduce heat loss and therefore potentially reduce their energy bills.

An interactive map is now available on the Council’s website which uses data gathered from an aircraft fitted with a thermal camera which flew over the Borough over four winter nights in 2013 and 2014.  Based on the data a map was created of the Borough which allows householders to see how much heat is escaping from their property. The thermal map shows temperature levels in different colours. Red means a lot of heat is being lost, while better-insulated properties appear in green or blue.

The initiative hopes to encourage people to take steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

Councillor Roy Green, Portfolio Holder for Housing commented:

“This is a great tool to help residents identify how much heat they are losing from their homes and with this information, they can decide whether or not to look at improving their roof insulation or installing other energy saving measures to potentially save on fuel costs.”

Around a quarter of heat is lost through the roof in an uninsulated house and installing loft insulation in a semi-detached house can save households approximately £150 a year on their energy bills, according to Energy Saving Trust figures.

To access the tool visit our heat loss page and input your post code.

Residents wishing to make their homes warmer and cheaper to heat can contact Action Surrey for advice on next steps, including details on grants and offers on loft insulation, by calling 0800 783 2503 or visiting Action Surrey.


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