Give a helping hand to your local environment

Give a helping hand to your local environment

The Countryside Team runs a regular monthly volunteer task on the last Wednesday of each month. In August they will be meeting in Oxshott Heath Car Park, Warren Lane, KT22 0SZ on Wednesday 31 August at 10am. The volunteer task will run until 3.45pm but volunteers can stay as long as they like.

In July, the countryside volunteers did a great job tackling the small birch trees that are taking over on Oxshott heath, and they will be returning to this task in August. Although the heathland may appear wild and natural, it is an ancient landscape that has been influenced by people over thousands of years. Historically, it was regular cutting, grazing by animals and burning that kept these landscapes open. In Surrey the main tree species growing on heaths are Scots pine and silver birch. Removing these trees is necessary to prevent the heathland being lost and replaced with poor quality secondary woodland.

Volunteer tasks are open to anyone who has an interest in working with the Countryside Team to conserve and improve Elmbridge's countryside sites and doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty! These tasks are often labour intensive and the Elmbridge Countryside Volunteers provide an extremely valuable aid to the Ranger Team.

For more information, please email the Countryside Team, call on 01372 474575 or visit our Countryside webpages.

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