Falls Prevention exercise classes

Have you been unwell? Do you need help increasing your activity levels. We run a wide range of exercise sessions that might be just what you are looking for.  No need to climb in to 'workout clothes'.  Come along just as you are.
We specialise in balance and falls prevention classes, chair based yoga (no getting on the floor), Cancer Rehab, and Cardiac Rehab, COPD (breathing difficulties) Rehab and Stroke Rehab

Falls Prevention, Strength and Balance classes

From September to December 2017, Thames Ditton and Weybridge Centres for the Community are offering a free exercise taster session to everyone, as part of the Council’s ‘Elmbridge Active Every Day’ Physical Activity Strategy 2015-2020. The exercise classes focus on improving balance and reducing the likelihood of having a fall. If you enjoy the class, then keep coming along and tell your friends about it too.  They are low cost (£4/class).  Continue attending the classes long term to ensure that you don't lose your hard won balance and confidence.

Councillor Janet Turner, Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture, said, “Research has shown time and again that strength and balance exercises reduce the risk of falls in everyone, not just the very old and frail, and I am really excited that such a wide variety of preventive exercise sessions is now available for residents at risk”. 

Don't think you are ready for a balance class or want to try something else?
Chair Yoga:
Join us for chair-based yoga. All abilities are welcome.  Xcel Leisure Centre (Walton) on Friday at 5.30, Weybridge Centre for the community 9am on Tuesday and Thames Ditton Centre for the Community 5pm on Thursday for Chair based yoga.  

Cancer rehab:
Cancer specific rehab exercise class.  Don't worry, we don't ask you to talk about your experiences, but class attendees report that they feel physically and mentally improved after just one visit. (£5/class - St Peters Church Hall, Hersham)

If you would like to talk about the suitability of these classes or other options please telephone: Fiona 01372 474574 or email: health@elmbridge.gov.uk


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